The creator

The reason why Marc MALOENS chose the nickname Marc HERMAN about thirty years ago is because he got involved in a humorist career as soon as 1980. It didn’t take much time for his talent to be recognized and awarded at the first « Festival du rire de Rochefort » in May 1981. His fame and audiences on television have never stopped rising since then. If you want to know more about it: 


Short biography

Marc Maloens was born in Louvain, in Belgium, from parents living in the same city and thus bilingual. He has got three brothers. The six members of the Maloens family are bilingual, as are his aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins and friends… In short, the majority of the people around him spoke both national languages : French and Dutch. According to the young Marc Maloens, anyone who could only speak one language was a bit of an exception. Then, the teenager accomplished the different years leading to the baccalaureat examination.  It is then a difficult period for Mrs Maloens, his mother who had just been made a widow, her forty-nine-year-old husband having died of a heart attack. In order to be able to keep on her late husband’s activity of shop keeper, she had to reconcile herself to send her youngest sons, amongst whom Marc, to a boarding school. It is thus in Jodoigne,  in Walloon Brabant, in the archiepiscopal Saint Albert school, that our artist-creator-to-be found himself immersed in the heart of Wallonia, surrounded by a big majority of unilingual Walloons. About ten other Walloon students were unilingual as well, but Flemish. From that point on Marc Maloens took the most of his knowledge playing the interpreter in exchange of some fair agreements during the different tests and exams. After school, which he keeps good memories of, and after an aborted attempt at university, Marc Maloens started a professional carrer as a Sales Representative (his bilinguism being the deciding factor on his CV), as restaurant owner (De Wiering in Louvain), as a pub owner for students (De Venne in Louvain), as a local pub owner (Pie de Nijper in Kessel-lo) and finally came… May 1981, with the 1st Prize at the « Festival International du rire de Rochefort ».

Things fell into place for him

It’s around the age of 22, at the stirrings of his professional career, that Marc Maloens started getting interested in the problematics of « the other language » and started observing the different behaviour from the one community to the other, as far as language learning is concerned. During the years 69-70, the Flemish language was not considered well by the Walloons and other French speaking people, let’s face it. And though Flemish people had the same point of view as far as French is concerned, they had been learning it against their will for many years through the cinema, where films were shown (and it is still the case today) in original version with subtitles, but also and chiefly through a steadily presence of television in homes. 

The reaction

Thirty-five years later, in 2005, an idea started taking shape in Marc Maloens’s brains. Why not create a game that would allow its contestants to use, to learn but most important of all to pronounce words in another language and to use them in order to build sentences, mixing them together, the whole thing through a fascinating and entertaining game ?

In 2009, SPIKIT won the gold of medal of BRUSSELS-INNOVA and the “Prize of CONCEPTUM